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Click4Advisorís Turnkey Services
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Phone Advice

Click4Advisor empowers advice-providers of every category, including technical support experts, psychics, astrologers, readers, lawyers, and accountants with the ability to facilitate and promote their advice-providing activities.

Chat Advice

Double-Blind Chat Service provides complete privacy and security to Advisors and Clients. It is a great service for Advisors to provide advice and Clients to obtain advice through an Internet connection.

Email-Based Services

Double-Blind Email-Based Services provides both Advisors and Users with a quick and easy way to send and receive advice without the need for both parties to be signed on at the same time while always maintaining privacy and security. It is a great service for Advisors and Users to provide and receive well thought out and detailed messages. Advisors and Users can even upload and download supporting material to compliment their advice sessions. Perfect for a wide range of services such as email readings, written articles, reports, and instructional materials.


All-Blind Telephone Conference Service provides complete privacy and anonymity to Host ("Advisor") and Participants ("Users"). It is a great service for Instructors who are interested in privacy and anonymity of everyone during a distant learning phone conference.


Where Questions Meet Answers

  • ASP Model - It's a Service, so No Costly Hardware or Software
  • Totally Robust - Scalable System Allows Rapid Expansion for Total Reliability
  • Comprehensive - Seamless 'Internet Chat', 'Click-to-Call', 'Email-Based Services', 'Conference', & '800# Dial-In' Systems
  • Completely Secure - 'All-Blind' Secure Connections Ensure Privacy
  • Secure - State-of-the-Art Digital Encryption Using 256-bit SSL
  • Eliminate Costly Call Center - Phone System Distributes Calls Directly To Remote Advisors

    Key Features

  • Comprehensive User, Advisor & Group Manager Web Interfaces
  • Effortless Integration into Existing Website
  • Custom Dynamic Availability Status Buttons
  • Integrated Internet & 800# Phone System
  • Promotions Creation & Measurement Tools
  • Advisor Weekly Scheduling Wizard (Phone and Chat)
  • Advisor Auto-Call Appointment Calendar Tool
  • Automated User Callback Request System
  • Automated 'Continue the Call' Add Money Wizard
  • Full Accounting System with Auto-Payout Option
  • Pro-Active ChargeBack Minimizer System
  • 'Double-blind' Internal Email System
  • 'Double-blind' Private & Secure Phone System
  • 'Double-blind' Private & Secure Chat Service
  • Mass Email to Users
  • Advisor Profile and Feedback System
  • Real-time Balance Calculations and Timer
  • Buffer Zone Before Charges Apply
  • 'Double-blind' Private & Secure Email-Based Services
  • SMS Notifications for Advisors
  • Upload and Download Supporting Materials
  • Private and Public Conference Sessions
  • User Conference Registration/Cancel Email Notification to Advisor


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