Click4Advisor's Turnkey Services

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Phone Advice

Click4Advisor empowers advice-providers of every category, including technical support experts, psychics, astrologers, readers, lawyers, and accountants with the ability to facilitate and promote their advice-providing activities.

Video & Text Chat Advice


Video & Text Chat Service provides complete privacy and security to Advisors and Clients. It is a great service for Advisors to provide advice and Clients to obtain advice through an Internet web browser without any software to download or install.

Email-Based Services

Double-Blind Email-Based Services provides both Advisors and Users with a quick and easy way to send and receive advice without the need for both parties to be signed on at the same time while always maintaining privacy and security.


All-Blind Telephone Conference Service provides complete privacy and anonymity to Host ("Advisor") and Participants ("Users"). It is a great service for Instructors who are interested in privacy and anonymity of everyone during a distant learning phone conference.

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