Click4Advisor's Leading Phone Conference Learning


All-Blind Telephone Conference Service provides complete privacy and anonymity to Host ("Advisor") and Participants ("Users"). It is a great service for the Instructors who are interested in privacy and anonymity of everyone during a distant learning phone conference.

Click4Advisor's pioneering Conference System technology allows the Advisor to talk while the User(s) listen avoiding interruptions in the learning process as well as maintaining privacy for everyone. To make the conference more effective and interactive, advisors can un-mute users so that they may participate in the conference. Keeping security as a top priority, Click4Advisor's 'All-Blind' method offers security and privacy in all facets of the system such as registration, phone, chat, and email.

Advisors have the ability to create private or public conference sessions. This is especially useful in creating a series of sessions. Click4Advisor also allows the Advisor to send study aids prior to the conference session allowing Users to be prepared for his or her upcoming session. Additionaly, Click4Advisor allows paid one-on-one advice before and after a conference session.

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