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I love Click4Advisor because I know I can stay anonymous, and get advice about private matters without my *real* name and email being shown to anyone. The credit card information is kept secure and private, and the system displays only my anonymous username to my advisor. All messages are sent to me within a secure system also, so I don't worry that I'll get any spam. Quite frankly, everything about Click4Advisor allows me to use the system without exposing my name, email, or phone number. It's brilliant...and I love it.


I was always afraid of call in "help" sites but I listened to Mark's show and trusted him. He said he used Click4Advisor because he trusted them and that was enough for me. I called and spoke to my first advisor and I was so shocked when a computer rang my phone to announce that they were calling the advisor for me.

The connection was crystal clear and I was just getting into what the advisor was saying when a voice comes on to tell me I have only one minute left and explains that if I wish to proceed I could press one to add more money. In my haste, I added more money than I intended. The advisor told me to call Click4 and they would take care of it.

In one minute I called them and without a blink, returned the funds to my account (which I ended up just putting right back into the account later!).

I love that kind of service. There are no hidden charges, weird fees and really nice people.

Thank you Click4Advisor for making it safe to call for the support I need.


Wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I appreciate Click4Advisor service. It's great to be able to seek out high-quality personal and professional guidance while remaining anonymous and knowing you will keep my information confidential. The deposits and money handling process is straightforward and dependable. I also appreciate the tutorials on the site that allow me to quickly find information and answers to questions. And when I am unsure, Click4Advisor Customer Service is excellent! Thank you to you and your staff.


I really like using the Click4Advisor system to connect with my favorite psychics. I have used several psychic hotlines, and I like this system the most because there is so much safety in spending. They require you to place money in your account, and when that money is done, you have to add more. On other sites, I have lost track of how long I was on a call, and spent way more money than I meant to. This system is so much better for me. Additionally, I appreciate that there are several different ways to connect with my advisors. I love the option of purchasing an email reading, a Time Based Service, or just call and talk for a few minutes. Thank you, Click4Advisor, for giving me a safe a secure way to enhance my life!


Advisors Feedback

Thank you for allowing me to provide my input in reviewing Click4Advisor. I have been in customer service for over 30 years so am very sensitive to others providing good customer service. In other words I have a tendency to be highly critical of others providing me customer service and I have to tell you I have been extremely impressed and THANKFUL for the prompt professional response by Click4Advisor no matter what the issue is. I love the way they are always improving and making things easier and better for my clients and ensuring I know the latest changes and improvements. They listen when I have an issue and are always willing to help me help my clients which in my opinion is extremely important. If my clients are happy with the system then they come back. I truly feel like they have my back and I feel safe going through them.


I have had the expressed pleasure of working with Click4Advisor for over seven years. I appreciate the professionalism that is continually given to me in all situations, in regards to the business. When I am using the Click4Advisor system in the capacity of being a client, I feel valued and protected. I know my personal information is secure and not shared with a multitude of advertisers. As some one who uses Click4Advisor for my business, I appreciate the ease of working the system, the excellent and up to the minute recording keeping, and the multitude of resources to enhance my connection to my clients. What I appreciate most about working with the Click4Advisor team is their ability to cut through technical challenges of operating an online service, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some.


I have been the using Click4Advisor service for nearly 7 years; they are the smart choice for a failsafe management system not only for my client base but also for my transaction tracking and processing. I have clients around the globe; the Click4Advisor system makes connecting with them a breeze, it is as simple as answering the phone. I particularly like the Chat option that allows my clients to communicate with me when others may be in ear shot of a telephone conversation or if there is a language barrier. The Click4Advisor user interface allows me to focus on my clients while they take care of every other detail from ensuring anonymity, accounting, and direct deposit to my bank account. They are clearly the experts in their field; it is with confidence that I recommended this service to others.


I love working with Click 4 Advisor for many reasons. I don’t have to deal with the money issues. If I get a call I know that the client has already paid and I don't need to deal with taking payments. I can use my time to do what I love best, working with my clients. In my line of work I also have difficulty in keeping track of my time. Click4Advisor takes care of all of that for me.

I like the TBS options because I have some clients who want to book a block of uninterrupted time with out having to add money. This allows use to spend our time more productively. Chat allows more privacy for the clients who need that option. Click4Advisor is always working on more ways to make this process friendlier for the clients. The clients can pay for services and feel safe in the fact that their information and identity will not be compromised in any way.

I have called Click4Advisor with questions on a few occasions and have always experienced a friendly voice and been treated with great respect. Trust me, I ask some pretty silly questions sometimes but they are always professional and kind. I love being able to find out how much I have made for the day, month and year with just a click and I have never seen an error in their bookkeeping.

I can't tell you how good it feels knowing that my business is being taken care of by a company that I respect and trust.


I've been using Click4Advisor for the past five years in the capacity of an advisor. I've never had a single complaint about them in that time.

One of the most astounding aspects of their operation is the personal integrity and security built in and available to all advisors and customers. To be frank, I have no desire to collect email addresses to form some sort of mailing list. However, I have the ability to send a mass email to hundreds of my clients at one time and without any difficulty. Using the system to send emails back and forth to clients is not only convenient, but also allows for the ability to remain professional and not become overly familiar. At the same time, I know for a fact that those who receive my messages want to do so, as a simple click by a client will block me. This targeted sort of communication is invaluable.

Unruly or abusive clients are tactfully and quickly dealt with by the office, keeping me from having to deal with bullies or those I simply wish not to deal with. The need to block a client is rare for me, but it's a safety that protects me in a way I can't imagine working without.

I like being able to see exactly how much money is in my account at any given time. Payment is always on schedule and exactly correct.

Anytime I've had any suggestions or minor issues, I've been able to call the office and receive an immediate or timely response to my inquiry. I've always felt valued and taken seriously and have never been let down by their wonderful customer service.

The interface itself is intuitive and never ceases to amaze me in its ever-expanding functionality, giving both advisor and advisees an easy to navigate, pleasant experience. I get to do what I do best and not worry about the technology that it takes to talk to someone in another city, state, or even continent.

As a teacher, I'm delighted by the ability to teach others by phone. I can't imagine a better way to do it or more secure venue than through the Click4Advisor system.

The reliability of Click4Advisor is exemplary. When I want to be available, I can be, anytime of the day or night. Scheduling an appointment is remarkably simple and at the appointed time, the system takes care of the rest.

When I add in the ability to create email-based services and time-based sessions, the potential possibilities seem unlimited.

The system is constantly being improved and the functionality expanded. This is a company that seems to always be moving forward and, as far as I can tell, represents the cutting edge of their type of technology.

I highly suggest working with Click4Advisor and I am grateful to be a part of such a progressive and positive force.


Group Managers Feedback

Click4Advisor is one of those unique companies that is unassuming, unpretentious and uncompromising in their commitment to a quality experience.

I run a business that requires people to answer the phone and give advice.  I desperately needed a solution that I could set up and leave it alone. I was about out of options when I stumbled upon  

My initial inquiry call was answered by a pleasant woman who tried to be patient with my skepticism.  I certainly wasn't expecting to hear that this company takes care of all aspects of tracking hours, connecting the call of client to advisor, timing the call, insuring that funds are available, paying the advisors and me while simultaneously protecting the privacy and safety of our customers. Seriously, it was exactly what I wanted so I kept waiting for the bomb to drop, but it never did. 

It's hard in a review to cover all the aspects of this company but everything they do is about putting the customer (both me as THEIR customer and MY customer using their technology).  For example, when a client calls an advisor they have to pay for it. Rather than just having them enter a credit card and taking the money as they use the services, they are required to choose an amount which is pulled from their account and placed in's own repository.  The idea is that rather than just pulling money from a Credit Card, Click4Advisor pulls the money as the service is used by the customer so that there are no surprises. Once the funds are spent the Customer is given a chance to add more or just have the call disconnected.  If the funds are all used, they sit there until they are. Nothing is ever taken out and if the customer wants what's in their repository back into their credit card, it just takes a note or a phone call and it's done. No hassle, no pressure. Just done.

The Per Minute services are just one of the many options we are given.  There are classes, Time Bases Session and Email Services that are all unique and equally safe. 

For the Advisor there is the impeccable accounting and in my 7 years with them, there has NEVER been an error in the amount I was paid and payment was NEVER late. I could go one but I think this review lets you know how happy I am I found them. It literally changed my around!

* Customer is always first
* Privacy and Protection are the highest priority
* Crystal Clear Phone Lines
* Stable system and flawless services
* Payments are always on time
* They are open to innovation and progressive ideas

In Summary, Click4Advisor is an honest and progressive company whose impeccable technology is second only to their Customer service. 


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