Click4Advisor's Leading Email-Based Services

Email-Based Services

Click4Advisor's innovative Email-Based Services allows both Advisors and Users to quickly and easily communicate with one another without the need for both parties to be present at the same time. It is a great service to connect Advisors and Users who want to send and receive well thought out messages without having to worry about timers. Privacy and security is always maintained as the messages are only available to Advisor and User.

The Email-Based Service is especially useful in creating and managing sessions which require consecutive responses between Advisors and Users. This service also provides Advisors and Users with a feature to upload and download related materials for many different purposes such as for Feng Shui, Eye Readings, Astrology Charts, Reports, Designing, Photos, Musical Notes, and much more. The file attachment feature can be used to compliment any subject matter covering or related to the Email-Based session.

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