History of Click4Advisor

SPG Solutions Inc., the creator of Click4Advisor and ZiffTalk, is enabling 'click-for-talk' live voice communication from the web, emails and advertising banners. Click4Advisor enables advisors and consumers to connect immediately, directly, and securely via the Internet or an offline toll-free Dial-In system, but over either traditional PSTN phone lines or VoIP.

ZiffTalk enables prospects and customers to connect toll-free directly to a company's sales or customer reps in a similar manner.

The Click4Advisor system has become the world's leading Advice Business enabling platform with well over 100,000 satisfied clients. Click4Advisor is 'Empowering the Business of Advice' by providing the platform for business groups and individuals in the legal, accounting, tech support, metaphysical industries, and numerous others to earn greater revenue while managing their own advice-giving operations.

How Click4Advisor is Empowering the Business of Advice

* Click4Advisor is FREE to sign up and setup for Advisors. There is no investment risk in trying the system, only upside potential. Our service fees only apply when you generate revenue.

* Click4Advisor collects revenue and records all transactions in real-time by Agent, by Advisor, by Client. Full details can be downloaded at any time. Totally automates and streamlines bill-collection, record keeping and accounting processes.

* Click4Advisor's ASP-model means no software downloads or hardware installations. No cost, no maintenance, and setup in no time.

* Click4Advisor has an offline, fully integrated, 1-800 toll free Dial-In system. This allows Advisors to advertise their service, attract clients and generate revenue through Click4Advisor both online and offline.

* Click4Advisor's system creates an exciting new revenue channel that integrates the ease and convenience of the Internet with the comfort and personal-touch of the telephone.

Contact Us

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dba Click4Advisor
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Support/Sales Services: support@Click4Advisor.com